Critical Conversations by Tom Gilson

Book description:

Christian parents need to be prepared to answer the myriad challenges teens might hear in today’s increasingly pro homosexual culture. “Why shouldn’t gays get married?” “Who says gay sex is wrong?” “Does the Bible actually say there’s anything wrong with homosexuality?” “Don’t you care that kids are being bullied just for being themselves?”

To start the discussion, Gilson provides a brief history of the issues beginning with the sexual revolution of the 1960s. He explains how and why cultural attitudes have reversed on this subject in such a short timespan, leaving Christians scrambling for answers.

This is perhaps the most complicated and contentious issue Christians face in today’s culture. Most churches are poorly equipped to handle it; parents are even less prepared. The good news is that parents need not have pat answers ready before they dive into conversations with their teens and preteens on this difficult topic. Learning together―parents struggling through these issues alongside their kids and leading them to biblical answers― has relational benefits.

Answers are important, though, so manageable, nontechnical answers to common questions surrounding this issue are provided, as well as a guide to further resources.

My review:

The topic of homosexuality is everywhere. Children are exposed to the reality of homosexuality everywhere. They can see same-sex couples on television, magazine covers, walking around at the shopping center, or at their schools.

How are Christian parents to handle the topic of homosexuality with their children? Frequently Christians are painted as the bad guys in regard to homosexuality for their “intolerance”. What are we to tell our children?

This book contains much wisdom and advice for parents who want to open discussions with their children about homosexuality. It is down-to-earth, but also keeps with Christian principles.

My favorite part was the section where the author explores different comments Christians face and how to address them. Furthermore, they are arranged by audience, such as when confronted with accusations of intolerance or hatred, social policy, and what it says in the Bible about different ideas related to homosexuality.

I find it helpful to read over hypothetical conversations to help prepare myself for when I am in the moment. The most important result of reading this book is that I am a lot more comfortable talking about the topic of homosexuality, not just with my children, but with others as well.

Whether you are for or against homosexuality, this book gives readers solid information based on biblical principles. It is a must-read for anyone living in the American society today.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Kregel Publications in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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