The Lion Comic Book Hero Bible by Jeff Anderson

Book description:

A stunning new comic book version of the Bible, now given the superhero treatment by the team behind The Lion Graphic Bible and The Manga Bible

The story of the Bible is a unique tale of origins and cosmic powers; of the ageless battle between good and evil; of human potential and human treachery; and of a Messiah—a savior for the world. This is indeed the stuff that graphic novels are made of. Superheroes are the biggest comic genre of all, with many heroes having their origins in biblical characterization and imagery. This is the first Bible retelling to engage with the superhero genre. The Lion Comic Book Bible is a dynamic expression of the Bible’s depth and power, produced in the style of Marvel Comics. You’ve heard of Spiderman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Now meet Earthman, Lawman, Warrior Man, and many others. With dynamic illustration using a range of styles, Siku (Old Testament) and Jeff Anderson (New Testament) bring the Bible stories alive for a new and graphically sophisticated generation.

My review:

I was so excited to read this comic-book style adaptation of the Bible. I thought it would have great appeal for my youngest reader.

When the book arrived, I was a little surprised at how dark and sinister the images on the cover was. I flipped through the pages and saw that the darkness continues throughout the book.

The stories adhere to the stories from the Bible. However, as stated in the description, the names are changed. For example, Adam becomes Earthman. I would have enjoyed it more if the names remained unchanged.

I’m not really sure if this book would spark young readers interest in reading stories from the Bible. Ideally, it would. I can imagine it would have some benefit in giving them an overview of the story, so that it is familiar when they hear it again. However, with the names changing, they might not make the connection.

I’m not sure this is the book I would recommend for parents, grandparents, or teachers to expose young readers to Bible stories. I think there are better books that maintain accuracy without being so sinister.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Kregel Publications in exchange for my honest review.

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