The Fall of Babylon the Great America by Michael D. Fortner

Book description:

If you are looking for an analysis of Babylon the Great, to determine if it might be the United States of America, then this book is for you.

One of the most difficult things I had to do in order to correctly interpret Bible prophecy, was come to the realization that America is Babylon the Great (BTG). I did not want to believe it. I resisted because it means that America will be destroyed in a nuclear holocaust. But after years of study, the evidence forced me to that conclusion. Then I realized, that most nations of the world will suffer great destruction to one degree or another, based on their sins. So America will also suffer for its sinfulness.

I also came to understand that Babylon the Great (BTG) is not all of America, it is ONLY wicked America. God will destroy wicked America, but he will save a righteous remnant from those who do not go in the Rapture, to rebuild the nation.
During the past 10 years I saw such great decline in America, that I can now see why America will be destroyed, and also why it must be destroyed.

But America will NOT be destroyed before the start of the Great Tribulation (GT), which is so often claimed, but will only be wounded at the start, but will be nuked and then invaded at the end of the GT. The nuclear war and invasion of America are the last acts of the beast (a Revised Islamic Empire) and its allies (Russia and China and North Korea), in its attempt to totally destroy Christianity and the Christians in America. Then Christ returns to save the world by destroying the evil that is taking over the world.

Many people misinterpret Babylon the Great (BTG) harlot, prostitute, in Revelation 17 and 18. She has been interpreted to be, the Roman Catholic Church, the Protestant Church, America, Jerusalem, Islam, Saudi Arabia, and who knows what else.

I will provide a mountain of evidence and explain in detail the political Babylon, which is the government of the United States of America; the cultural Babylon which is the polluted culture of America that is formed by movies, TV, and music; and the economic Babylon that is capitalism which is headquartered in America; America being the premier capitalist nation in the world. If Babylon is also a city, then it is New York City.

Like my other two books on Bible prophecy, there is a lot of new insights in this book that are not found in any other book on Babylon the Great and America. I will also discuss the Old Testament references to an end-time Babylon, which is not a rebuilt city in Iraq, but can only be the same as Mystery Babylon in Revelation.

And I will discuss the founding of America, how it was founded with a de facto covenant with God (“de facto” means being in effect though not formally recognized). But America also is chosen of God because it was one of the nations that God promised to Abraham. Yes, God promised Abraham more than one nation! It is likely the main reason that America became the greatest and most powerful nation the world has ever seen.

We will discuss how America will be destroyed in a nuclear holocaust and be invaded, but Christ will return to save humanity and civilization from total destruction. I also show how America will be split into three parts by a huge global earthquake (Rev. 16) after it betrays Israel. One split will be along the Mississippi River.

This book also includes a discussion of Gog and Magog of Ezekiel 38, which gives us details for two wars, not just one. One will be an invasion of Israel, the other will be an invasion of America.

In the appendix I discuss the misinterpretation of Walid Shoebat, showing that his view of BTG being Saudi Arabia is grossly wrong.

This is Book Three of the Bible Prophecy Revealed series of books on Bible prophecy, which is a complete teaching on Bible prophecy. If you liked the other two books, you will like this one. If you did not like the other two, you will not like this one.

My review:

I was looking forward to reading this book because I had already read and greatly enjoyed the previous two books in this series.  I wasn’t disappointed.  My favorite thing about Fortner’s writing is the logical way he presents his ideas and arguments for his interpretations.  Readers may or may not agree with all of his viewpoints, but his logical arguments make you stop and think.

I found the historical information proving that America was founded as a Christian nation absolutely fascinating.  I have always believed that we were founded as a Christian nation, probably because I am old enough that I went to school in a time where the mere mention of God in a classroom didn’t result in an immediate lawsuit with the ACLU.  However, I learned quite a bit from the chapter on the history of America.

I really appreciate the format of the book, where the end notes are listed immediately following the information referring to them.  I wish more authors would adopt that format because it is so user-friendly.  It also lends a great deal of credibility to the information and opinions given by the author.  I thought the historical information was so compelling that I thought to myself that I should read some of those sources so that I could learn even more, especially about things like Thanksgiving.

I also really enjoyed reading about the dreams and prophecies that people in the 20th century have reported, particularly the one about “prosperity Christianity” because we see it everywhere.  I was amazed at how many prophecies were spot on.

If you are looking for information about America’s role in end times, this book is a must-read.  Whether you believe that America is Babylon the Great or not, this book will give you plenty to think about.  If you believe that America is Babylon the Great, this book will provide you with logical arguments to support your viewpoint.  This book was such a timely read for me because a friend and I were just talking about this exact topic a week before the book arrived in the mail!  I can’t wait to share with her everything I read and I can’t wait to read the last one in the series.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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