Effortless Healing by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Book description:


Do you have to tell your leg to heal from a scrape? Your lungs to take in air? Your body that it’s hungry? No. Your body does these things automatically, effortlessly. Vibrant health is your birthright and within your grasp; you just have to step out of the way. In Effortless Healing, online health pioneer, natural medicine advocate, and bestselling author Dr. Joseph Mercola reveals the nine simple secrets to a healthier, thinner you. The results are amazing and the steps can be as easy to implement as:

·         Throwing ice cubes in your water to make it more “structured”
·         Skipping breakfast, as it could be making you fat
·         Eating up to 75 percent of your calories each day in fat for optimal health, reduction of heart disease, and cancer prevention
·         Avoiding certain meat and fish, but enjoying butter
·         Eating sauerkraut (and other fermented foods) to improve your immune system and your mood
·         Walking barefoot outside to decrease system-wide inflammation (and because it just feels great)
·         Enjoying a laugh: it’s as good for your blood vessels as fifteen minutes of exercise

Effortless Healing is the distillation of decades of Dr. Mercola’s experience and cutting-edge medical knowledge. With his wisdom and that of your body, you can optimize your health, your weight, and your life…effortlessly.

My review:

I think this is a very timely book.  More and more people are aware that our choices in what we eat impact not only our current health, but also our future health.  It seems like if you spend any time at all talking with your friends, the subject of food and specifically healthy food comes up.  Everyone wants to eat better and make choices that positively impact our health.

That is why this is such a great book.  I loved the title and couldn’t wait to read about the 9 strategies Dr. Mercola put forth to help our bodies fix themselves.  Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made and are certainly made to renew and regenerate, but only if we do our parts!

I read through the book and found a lot of it to be common sense.  I didn’t have any “aha” moments and have read a lot of the information in other books.  However, I found the concept of “structured” water very interesting.  I also enjoyed the strategy of breakfast being optional.  I have never in my life been a breakfast eater and have always struggled with plans where one must eat within 30 minutes or an hour of rising.

The sample weekly plan at the back of the book was very clear and helpful.  I enjoyed reading the guidelines and the fact that there was an explanation of the benefit directly after it.

I found it helpful to incorporate one healing principle at a time until it was effortless and didn’t require any extra effort before moving on to the next one.  For example, I focused for several days on incorporating structured water before moving on to the next idea.  It made it much easier for me to get to the point where it is second nature.

Overall, this is a great book to reinforce a healthy lifestyle.  I’m not sure that the information given is groundbreaking or revolutionary, but it is a good reminder of things that we should all be doing to help our bodies maintain themselves for optimal health.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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