The One O’Clock Miracle by Alison Mitchell and Catalina Echeverri

Book description:

Second in the new Tales that Tell the Truth series comes The One O’clock Miracle. Based on the healing of the official’s son in John chapter 4, this wonderful storybook will teach children about the instant power of the words of Jesus, and that they should trust Jesus because he is God’s Son. Stunningly illustrated by Catalina Echeverri, author and illustrator of several bestselling children’s books, including Monty’s Christmas, as well as the first two storybooks from The Good Book for Children, Alby’s Amazing Book and The Christmas Promise. Written by Alison Mitchell, author of The Christmas Promise and several of our children’s tracts. This book is perfect for children aged 3-6 years old and makes a beautiful gift.

My review:

I’m a fan of Echeverri’s colorful illustrations and the funky fonts that I have grown familiar with from her other books.  This one delivers just as strong of a visual punch as the other ones.  The pictures hold the attention of young readers and non-readers alike and the relationship between the number of words on the page and the interest of the picture is perfect.  In some children’s books, the child has grown bored of looking at the picture and is ready to turn the page before the reader has finished everything.

Not only are the illustrations wonderful, but the writing is also child-friendly.  I loved the way Mitchell used repetition with the “walked and walked – and sometimes ran”.  Children love that kind of writing and it really demonstrated Mitchell’s understanding of her target audience.

The story of the book is not one of the most well-known in the Bible.  I really appreciate Mitchell and Echeverri taking the story of the royal official’s son and putting it into the hands of young children through their engaging book.

If you are looking for a beautiful book with an accurate Bible story, this is a great choice.  I think any young child would enjoy exploring the pictures and hearing it read to them.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Cross Focused Publishers in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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