You Can Hear the Voice of God by Steve Sampson

Book description:

When you talk to God, do you ever feel as if you are not getting through?

You’re not alone. At some point, most believers find themselves grappling with difficult questions like Would God really talk to me personally? and How do I know it’s truly God talking, and not my own thoughts?

But here’s the good news: Hearing God is simpler than you think.

It’s possible to have a relationship with God that involves both speaking and listening. In fact, it’s God’s desire; He wants to talk to you.

In this revised and expanded edition of a classic work, author and teacher Steve Sampson shows you how to pray not just wishing you’d hear God’s voice–but expecting to hear it.

Sampson’s uncomplicated, practical perspective will help you cultivate the two-way conversation with God you’ve always longed for. Before long, you’ll hear Him speaking into your circumstances and relationships, expressing His love for you and showing you the next steps to take in your life.

Don’t settle for a one-sided conversation with God.

Break through this barrier and develop a sensitive heart that hears–and responds to–God’s still, small voice.

Uncomplicated, unique, and incredibly practical, this book prepares readers to enjoy two-way conversation with God; now revised and expanded with even more real-life instruction.

My review:

I’m always a little hesitant about choosing to read non-fiction books, especially ones that are characterized to help readers do something.  It seems like a lot of them either do a really good job of explaining why readers should do something, but not how.  Other books do the opposite, they describe how, without fully investing readers in the why.  It is a very rare non-fiction book that delivers the why and the how, but Sampson does it.  Perhaps he didn’t have to sell me on the why, but he explained it very well.

The best part about this book is how concrete Sampson is in dealing with an intangible subject.  I’ve never thought it was particularly easy to hear God, but as I read through the book, I thought several times to myself, “I’ve had that happen” or “Oh yeah, I should pay more attention to that.”  It made this a very exciting book to read.  I usually don’t describe non-fiction books as exciting!

I really liked the way Sampson dealt with the idea of hearing God through dreams without getting psychoanalytical about it.  His tips are very easy to assimilate into daily life.  However, the best chapter for me was the one about hearing God  in your spirit.  It is easy to second guess what you think God might be saying to you in your thoughts or impressions.  It was in this chapter where I got the most information about checking whether the thoughts are coming from God or somewhere else.  It is something I have always wondered about and now I have a toolbox to check where it is coming from.  That chapter alone makes the entire book worth the price!

If you are looking for a book to help you discern the voice of God, this is a great one.  I found it very useful and I think many other readers would, too.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Chosen books in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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