Skin in the Game by Rick Lawrence

Book description:

“Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.” —Matthew 10:39

Christians are longing for more life in their lives, a sense that they’re more present to Jesus and to their own story in the everyday. They’re looking for the answer to the deepest question of human experience: “How do I find the freedom I crave, and become the person I long to be?” Too often, though, they’re scared to risk too much to find the answer—so they simply continue to lead lives of “quiet desperation.”

Rick Lawrence says that’s exactly the problem. We’ve seen too much. We know too much. And so we manage our risk so well that we choke off the very fuel that our soul needs to stay alive. In fact, risk should be a primary aspect of our relationship with Jesus, not the thing we avoid.

In this book, Lawrence argues that if we pay attention to the way Jesus related to people, we discover that he asked every person he ever met to put their “skin in the game”—invest part of themselves. Only then did they find the life they always longed for.

Lawrence asks eight key questions, including:
• Will you embrace your shame?
• Will you receive grace?
• Will you confront your fears?
• Will you wait, even when all hope is lost?

With a vigorous, fast-paced, and conversational style, he uses these questions plus stories straight from Scripture and pop-culture corollaries to explore the kinds of risks we find in our lives today and how to stop waiting and start going all in for Jesus.

My review:

This was an easy to read and understand book.  It was a fast read, with a lot of interesting stories to keep it moving along.  Sometimes non-fiction books become a little dry for me, especially when they are bogged down with information.  Lawrence guards against boredom with his fresh writing and honest look at taking risks and the impediments to taking risks.

Although this book was an easy read, I can’t say that it offered a lot of new information.  That not to say that there isn’t value in this book, just that I don’t think there is anything revolutionary about it.  The most important thing that I look for when reading a non-fiction book is a moment where I think, “Wow, I’m going to try that” or when I am close the book and can’t stop thinking about the ideas the author shared.  Even when writing this review, I find myself referring back to the book to recall specifics from it.  I usually don’t have to do that, especially when the book is super engaging.

Overall, this was an ok book for me.  I think a lot of readers would find it enjoyable, but I wanted more from it.  I was looking for it to inspire me to live on the edge and step out from my comfort zone.  This book talked about risks, but didn’t cross over into making me take any.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Kregel Publications in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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