The Burn by Haylie Pomroy

Book description:

In the #1 New York Times bestseller The Fast Metabolism Diet, powerhouse nutritionist Haylie Pomroy showed readers how to heal a broken metabolism with the strategic use of macronutrients. But even in the best running systems, inflammation, digestive dysfunction, and hormonal imbalances can all hinder weight-loss.  In The Burn, Haylie breaks new ground and gives anyone trying to lose weight new tools for busting through plateaus. Using targeted micronutrients to incinerate weight-loss roadblocks, Haylie will help you remove the problem—and lose up to 3, 5, and 10 pounds in as many days!
The Burn offers three eating plans, therapeutically designed to achieve highly specific results. The I-Burn targets the body’s inflammatory reactions to food and flushes out toxins and subcutaneous fat, producing prominent cheekbones and a glowing complexion in three days. In five days, the D-Burn unblocks the body’s digestive barrier and torches torso fat, to create a flat belly and tighter waistline. The 10-day H-Burn addresses the hormonal system, repairing and facilitating the proper synthesis of hormones to reshape lumps and bumps into gorgeous curves, sleeker hips, and thinner thighs.
The Burn also unveils:
·      I-Burn, D-Burn, and H-Burn eating and living plans, complete with detailed grocery lists and daily menus to keep the process simple and easy-to-follow.
·      Dozens of delicious recipes for meals in a flash.
·      Simple success boosters:  foods, teas, tips, and practices that are easy to incorporate and stoke up your body’s ability to heal.
·      How to live your life on fire – road maps that help readers recognize what their bodies are saying to keep their metabolisms blazing!

My review:

This is unlike any other diet book that I have ever read.  Most diet books deal with plateaus by saying, “They happen, keep following the plan and weight loss will start again.”  Well, what if you continue to be disciplined and nothing happens?  What if you are getting older and fighting hormonal changes and the natural aging process?  Haylie Pomroy offers a solution.

The best thing about the eating plans put forth in this book is that are of short duration and very specific.  I also really liked the way Pomroy encourages readers to substitute vegetable for vegetable, fruit for fruit, etc. if you encounter something in the plan that you do not like.  I am a super picky eater, so it makes it easier for me if I have choices.

The success boosters in the book are awesome.  Some I was already familiar with, but I learned a lot and tried some new ones.  I actually think they are the highlight of the book.

The worst part about the plan is that it calls for a lot of ingredients that I didn’t have on hand.  Pomroy is very helpful and provides readers with very specific shopping lists, but not all of the fruits/veggies are in season and are hard to find this time of year.  Living in Southern California, that is saying something.  Fortunately, I had some frozen zucchini in the freezer left from the summer.

For the purposes of the review, I tried a variety of the teas, soups, and smoothies.  They are not delicious, I am not going to lie.  The soups are ok, but the teas and smoothies are not delicious.  However, I had a suspicion that they wouldn’t be because in the book Pomroy suggests readers combine the tea with other things to make it more palatable.  I’ve been doing green smoothies for awhile now and still don’t think they are delicious.  I still shudder when I pound them down each morning, but I don’t drink them for the taste, I drink them for the health benefits.  It might help readers to focus on a benefit other than the taste for the teas!

I can’t speak to whether or not the plan helps you break through a plateau, since I am not currently experiencing a plateau.  I will definitely keep the book and try it out when I do though!

Overall, I think this is a good resource for people with a lot of dedication to follow a precise plan.  I think that if someone is experiencing some of the symptoms Pomroy addresses in the book and has tried other options, there is nothing to lose by giving this book a try.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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