A Beautiful Reflection by Sarah O. Maddox

Book description:

Susan Strasbourg, a beautiful and very conservative Christian girl, and Jim Hitchenson, a handsome, sophisticated Atlanta bachelor fall for each other at a company convention. They soon discover their lifestyles are miles apart. In his world she would be considered prudish. In her world he would be considered “wild.” It is no surprise that when their values and beliefs intersect, the result is conflict. Will they really be able to resolve these seemingly unsolvable conflicts? Will their love prove to be true and lasting?

My review:

This is a very sweet and easy to read book.  The characters of Susan and Jim are easy to connect with and care about.  Despite being a romance book, it was not predictable, which is always a plus.  Throughout the book, I really had no idea whether Susan and Jim would end up together or not.

It was inspiring to read about Susan’s dedication to her faith and commitment to living a life pleasing to the Lord.  I think this book would be an amazing source of comfort and guidance to young women who are seeking a God-pleasing marriage.  The discussion questions at the end are thought-provoking and help guide young women.

I also thought the supporting characters and story lines were equally compelling and interesting.  Maddox provides readers with a lovely book that is a quick read.  I will definitely pass this one on to my daughter to read.

If you like clean romance books with characters who live to please God, this is a great choice.  It is a short and sweet book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Book Crash in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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