Motherless by Erin Healy

Book description:

The dead have a very broad view of the living, of actions performed out of sight, of thoughts believed to be private. I would know. Losing both parents is a trial no child should endure, and Marina and Dylan have endured enough. They deserve the one thing I could never give them: a mother’s love.

A mother’s love, and the truth.

My children have believed a lie about me for years and years. After all this time I can still feel their hurt in my heart. But the tether holding me to them is frayed from years of neglect . . . and I have to find a way to make my confession before it snaps.

But when the truth comes out, what other beasts will I unleash?

“Why do we lie to the children?” someone asked me once.

“To protect them,” I answered.

How terrible it is that they need protection from me.

My review:

This book takes so many twists and turns that readers have no idea where it will go next.  I tend to look more at characterization in books and how the author has developed the character, because so many books seem to have similar plot structure.  It can become a little predictable.  Sometimes, even if the plot is unique, it becomes easy to see what will happen next or at the conclusion.

However, Healy gives readers everything!  A unique plot and interesting characters make up this surprising book.  I thought it was interesting how Healy dealt with the topic of mental illness and how Bipolar Disorder manifested itself in Misty’s life and the affect it had on those around her.  The reactions of the other characters were very authentic and gave more weight to the seriousness of the condition.

I’m not sure this is a book that I would read again, but I will definitely look for another book by Healy.  She does a great job with crafting realistic characters that struggle with real-life problems and make human mistakes and have to cope with the results of those mistakes.

If you love books filled with plot twists and surprises, this is the book for you!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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    Wonderful review!

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