Princess Stories by Carolyn Larsen

Book description:

Little princesses will love reading about the women of the Bible. They will learn about the loyalty of Ruth, the wisdom of Deborah, and the courage of Esther . . . and so much more.

Most important, girls will discover that they, too, are princesses—daughters of the King. As they look into these stories, they’ll learn to love God and to follow his Word.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who is the most special princess of all?
You, special princess, are the daughter of the King.
You’re more precious to him than any other thing!

Open this book and help your daughter find value and purpose in living as God’s little princess!

My review:

This is such a beautiful book!  Little girls will be enthralled with the lovely pictures and stories of women from the Bible.  I loved the questions at the end of each story to spark conversation and learning about what we can learn from the stories.  I also thought the verses were just the perfect length for young readers to memorize.

I really liked the way Larsen used the Mirror Mirror on the Wall idea from Snow White to introduce each story.  Most little girls are familiar with the role of the mirror in Snow White, and it was such a clever way to draw them into each story. 

The recommended ages for this book are from 4 – 8 and I think that is right on.  Girls in this age range love princesses and will really love the illustrations and stories.  This book is a perfect way for girls to get to know a lot of women from the Bible and experience God’s love through their stories.

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