Life Work by Randy Harris

Book description:

What does minimal human ethics look like? Can Christians really be followers of Jesus in the way they live today? In his own unique style, Randy Harris wrestles with these and other ethical issues facing Christians and all humanity.

In a world gone crazy, what would basic human decency look like? Are there principles that all humans could follow to make their neighborhoods, countries, and world more just and peaceful? Randy Harris, from his long experience as a teacher of philosophy and ethics, calls us to those principles of fair play, justice, and peace.

But Christians are called to an even higher standard. As a follower of Jesus, Randy, sometimes humorously, always pointedly, focuses on the call of Jesus for a higher righteousness. He places Christian behavior in the context of the philosophical and cultural contexts of our day, making profound concepts accessible to all his readers.

This book offers down-to-earth wisdom from a lifetime follower of Jesus. Out of his own practice of the spiritual disciplines, his presentations before hundreds of churches and university audiences, and his deep love for his students, Randy draws us into the circle of love for God and for our neighbors.

My review:

This is a great, great book. Harris is so clever in the way he writes the book because he starts off by giving readers several different scenarios and asks them to determine how they would respond. Then as he discusses different approaches to ethics, he refers back to the initial scenarios. The result is that readers are immediately engaged in the book and the (potentially) dry topic of ethics is very interesting to readers.

I learned a lot about ethics and different schools of thought in studying ethics. What was most beneficial to me was the applications to every day life. We are confronted every day with decisions that must be made with our behavior and choices. My favorite part of the book was when Harris discussed personal responsibility and how we have to take ownership of the choices we make.

I think this book should be used in every ethics class in America. It is engaging, educational, and relevant. If you are interested in examining yourself and your ethics, this is the book for you.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Leafwood Publishers in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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