Sharing Christ with the Dying by Melody Rossi

Book description:

Melody Rossi saw God work in the hearts of three close family members after she had nearly given up hope that they might believe before dying. As their hearts softened to the gospel message she witnessed their spiritual births.

These experiences inspired Melody to write this practical book filled with hope, joy, and wisdom. When your friend or family member is facing death, here is the help you need to share Christ in loving, nonconfrontational ways. It will show you how to

Serve in ways that speak louder than words
Respond to signs of spiritual openness
Discuss matters of eternal importance
Cope with the ups and downs of this difficult time

In addition, it offers you spiritual care, answering your questions about end-of-life issues, and addressing your grief and loss.

My review:

I think any believer that has someone in their life that they love who is an unbeliever can identify with the sense of urgency to share the Gospel with them before it is too late. Although Rossi mentions in the book that it is geared toward people that have unbelievers in their lives who are dying, I think it is a good book for anyone looking for guidance in sharing the Gospel.

The best part about this book is how clearly Rossi shares her thoughts and ideas. It intersperses Scripture passages with her experiences with her mother, father, and stepmother, as well as friends who played similar roles with their loved ones.

There is a little bit of everything in this book. Rossi offers suggestions on how to serve the person who is dying, cautions readers on ways to avoid burnout, and gives readers a look into what they might expect as the time of death draws near. It is a candid look at death, but in a way that provides readers with hope and guidance, as well as something very tangible to hold on to.

I think this book might be particularly important or helpful for a believer facing the death of a loved one without the support of other believers surrounding them. For example, if they are the only believer in their family. The biblical truths shared in this book serve as good reminders to wear the armor of God at a time when it might be forgotten as other pressing concerns take over. It was great that Rossi reminded readers the importance of wearing the armor of God.

If you have a loved one who is dying or are just looking for information on how to minister to those who are at the end of life, this is an awesome resource book. I think it is a great book to read now in an effort to be prepared for when the time comes. I can’t recommend this book highly enough. It might be just the book someone needs.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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