Lay Down Your Guns by Greg R. Taylor

Book description:

In Honduras’ ”wild west” mountain jungles, Amanda Madrid found her calling as a medical doctor to poor farmers.

When Amanda’s father rejects her dream to be a doctor, eighteen-year-old Amanda strikes out alone and enters medical school in Tegucigalpa.

Her work as a medical officer, public health consultant, and director of an international holistic Christian ministry called Predisan could have resulted in prestigious luxury for her. Instead these experiences led Dr. Madrid to the mountains on horseback and prepared her for the biggest challenge of her life.

When illegal drug trafficking and murders lead to closing medical clinics, Dr. Madrid goes toe to toe with cartel mercenaries, the unarmed doctor in her signature red high heels against men in combat boots armed with AK-47s.

This is the story about the life of a Honduran doctor heartbroken about the many killings and bad medicine of cartels. Can the same kind of love and prayer she gives her patients also cause these violent men to lay down their guns?

My review:

This is one of those rare books that is difficult to read because of the heartbreaking stories, but is so real that you can’t put it down. It makes it a little sadder to read, knowing that many of the people in this book have been killed by the violence in Honduras.

Taylor does a great job describing the people and places so thoroughly that I could imagine being there. I thought is was really interesting how the people of Honduras might be opposed to the illegal trafficking and cartels, but have to cooperate to survive.

It is hard to imagine the courage that it takes for Dr. Madrid to continue to treat patients. It isn’t just the fact that the area is so dangerous; it is also that so many of her patients have died or been killed. It is inspiring how she continues to serve God through serving others.

On a side note, I particularly enjoyed the snippets of Spanish throughout the book. It was a fun challenge to see if I could figure out what was being said before reading the translation given in the book. If you have some knowledge of Spanish, you might enjoy that, too.

If you are looking for an inspiring book that will make you want to serve God and others, this is it. Dr. Madrid gives readers an example of a person who puts personal safety aside for the honor of serving God and others. This is a really great book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Leafwood Publishers in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are own.

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