Truth Be Told by Carol Cox

Amelia Wagner arrives in Granite Springs for her yearly visit with her journalist father, only to find that he is afflicted with terminal cancer and has a very short time to live.  After he succumbs to the disease, she finds herself under pressure to retract a series of articles her father wrote about a questionable company buying up property in the area.  Amelia is determined to keep her father’s newspaper running and avoid returning to Denver to live with her mother and stepfather.  She becomes determined to discover the truth about the Great Western company as her research turns up more and more disturbing facts about the company.  Will Amelia be able to keep the newspaper running and adhere to her father’s teachings to always print the truth?  Will Amelia be able to uncover the truth about the Great Western company?

I have never read a book in which the author sets up the characters, setting, and plot as quickly and effortlessly as Cox.  In the first couple of pages, readers get a clear glimpse of what kind of young woman Amelia is, the type of business her father’s runs, and the problems Amelia will face.  Cox writes very descriptively, but also concisely.

There were parts of this book that were the fairly typical romance where the lead male and female characters befriend each other and so forth.  Sometimes I think that is a given.  However, what is different about this book is the mystery of the Great Western company and why are they buying up all the land.  The clues and information are spread throughout the book, maintaining reader’s interest, but without giving away too much.  It is very well written.

The characters are relevant to readers and struggle with problems that readers can identify with, such as watching a loved one struggle against alcoholism, or unwanted attention, or feeling indebted to long-time family friends.  Amelia struggles with making the right decisions with her father’s business, but remains committed to finding the truth.  Throughout this book, readers see characters living out their faith day by day and seeking God’s will in the decisions they make.  I always like to read books that provide readers with the snapshot into a totally committed life of faith.

This is an interesting book and a very quick read.  If you are looking for a wholesome book about characters striving to do the right thing, seeking the truth, this book is for you.  I liked it very much.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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