No More Perfect Kids by Jill Savage & Kathy Koch, PhD

We all have hopes and dreams for our kids.  We have things we want them to do and things we don’t want them to do.  Savage and Koch share their insights on how we can remove the Perfection Infection from contaminating our parenting, really know our kids so we can encourage them in who they are, and set them free to be who God created them to be, not enslave them to our expectations.

I’m guilty of perfectionism.  I always fought against it in parenting, but it was/is there.  However, Savage and Koch provide clear advice on how to recognize and remove the Perfection Infection.

This is a great book!  It is one of those books that I took a loooong time to read because the information in it is so good and meaningful that I chewed over each chapter for a couple of days to really internalize the lessons in each one.

The stories and examples given by the authors were meaningful and relevant.  I could see myself in some of the parenting examples.  I thought the quotes shared from some of the children Koch saw in her practice were really eye-opening and inspiring to readers to make appropriate changes in their lives.

If you are a parent seeking to improve your parenting skills, this book is a must read!  I learned a lot and was able to put into practice some of the tips right away.  I have already seen results and think other parents could have similar successes.  This is really an awesome tool for parents!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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