25 Ways to Communicate Respect to Your Husband by Jennifer Flanders

Jennifer Flanders shares her insights from over 25 years of marriage on how to demonstrate to your husband that you respect him.   Some topics that Flanders covers in her book are to choose joy, be thankful, smile at him, focus on qualities you admire about him, and respond physically.  Each chapter is short, with real-life stories Flanders has either experienced in her own marriage or heard about from her friends.  At the end of each chapter, Flanders shares tips on how to put into practice what readers just read about.

I can imagine that this might not be the most popular book with some readers.  Sometimes it is much easier to look at our husbands and think, “If he would appreciate me more, then I wouldn’t nag him so much.”  However, like most things in life, we get out what we put in.  If we put more effort into our marriages, we will get more out.  This book is a common sense guide of small things wives can do to improve their marriages, whether or not the husband thinks any changes need to be made.

Nothing in this book is impossible for a wife to do.  Some things might be easier for some wives to do than others and might need to be adjusted for each individual marriage.  The most important thing is to seek to please your spouse.

This book would be great to use as a devotional book when a chapter each day is completed.  If you are seeking to improve your marriage, this book is a useful tool.  I would encourage readers to read it with an open mind and an open heart.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Book Crash in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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