The Zombie Hero Chronicles: Book Two – Exodus by Courtney Ayres

From the Amazon description:

What the heck is up with Crown City? First, there are all the stinking zombies consuming the citizenry like they were their own personal Happy Meals. Then a mysterious circus, The Circus di Caeli, shows up out of nowhere and decides that performing a show in the middle of the zombie apocalypse would be a fabulous idea. And, to top it all off, the mayor has determined that Dave Scott is the sole cause of the city’s zombie problem. So, obviously, Dave needs to be eliminated.

What’s a 14 year old zombie to do?

It’s a mighty big fall from being the “Zombie Hero” to Public Enemy #1. On the run and misunderstood, all Dave really wants is to rescue his little brother, Danny, from the maniac Malis Amorum and to finish high school. Is that too much to ask? But when the circus shows up in town, led by the enigmatic Michael, Dave discovers there is a lot more going on in his hometown than just your average zombie apocalypse. These are the “last days” and biblical prophecy is being played out before his very eyes. Crown City is center stage in the timeless battle of good and evil and Dave finds he has a starring role. But in order to fulfill his destiny, find his brother, and escape the clutches of a rabid, self-serving mayor, Dave will have to make a choice. Will he make the right one?

With the help of his friends, both new and old, Dave Scott finds out what faith, friendship, and family are truly all about.

My review:

The eagerly awaited sequel to The Zombie Hero Chronicles Genesis has arrived.  The adventures of Dave Scott continue as he strives to rescue Little Girl, find a cure to reverse his partial zombie status, evade capture by the authorities, and not get killed by other zombies or humans.

This is a non-stop adventure book written with plenty of humor, suspense, and twists and turns.  Ayres writes in such an engaging, down-to-earth style that readers can’t help but get drawn in to the story and worry over what will happen to Dave.  It is difficult to read this book and not compare it to the first book in this series, but this one is has so much more action and description, that I enjoyed it even more than the first one.

I also really enjoyed the mysteriousness of Michael and the circus and the message of the book.  In the midst of all the chaos of the zombie invasion and the deviousness of Malis Amorum, readers get a positive message of hope and faith.

This book offers a little bit for everyone.  Younger readers will enjoy the humor and slang, while older readers will enjoy the message.  Even if you are not a fan of zombie books, give this one a try, it is a quick, fun read.

Check out my review of The Zombie Hero Chronicles: Book One- Genesis below:

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