Your Heart’s Desire by Shari Rose Shepherd

Shari Rose Shepherd shares 14 truths to help women in their relationships, whether married or single.  Some of the truths she discusses are:  Fighting the temptation to give up, fighting feelings of worthlessness, fighting to let go and follow his leadership, and fighting to forgive and forget.  Relationships are hard.  Desiring to be in a relationship and not being in one is hard, and being in one that is less than what you want it to be is also hard.  Even happy marriages can fall on hard times.

The format of this book is very user friendly.  Shepherd shares her thoughts on each topic, and ends each topic with a letter from God, based on scriptural truths.  The best message of this book is not to give up on your marriage, if you are married, because things can improve.  (Obviously, if you are in an unsafe relationship, don’t wait around for things to improve).  What is so great about this book is that Shepherd shares truths of what women can do to improve their relationships, even if the men are not motivated to make changes.  I found that very helpful.

This book is great for anyone who is in a relationship or who might be.  The writing style is very easy to understand and engaging.

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  1. 2crazyblessed says:

    Great review!


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