Rich in Years by Johann Christoph Arnold

Arnold shares stories of people who have found peace and purpose in the process of aging.  Throughout the book, he touches on topics such as dementia, terminal illness, relationships, loneliness, and forgiveness.  Arnold has a unique perspective on the topic of aging.  He has ministered to others as they experienced the challenges associated with the aging process and is now in his seventies.  He has dealt with many of the issues of aging from both sides of the fence.

This book is not quite what I expected.  I anticipated a book about inter-generational relationships and how we can seek the wisdom of our elders.  However, although it was much different than what I expected, I thought it was even better.  This is such a beautiful book that encourages people to embrace their age and reach out to others, while at the same time acknowledging that illnesses, and estrangement from family can occur.  I also really enjoyed the pictures of the older people interspersed throughout the pages.

I thought about my dad while reading this book and feel that it gave me some insight into some things he might be experiencing, especially since we lost my mom.  One of the chapters talks about missing a spouse and thinking of them daily.  It made me thing about how he continues to confront loneliness everyday.

Because of all the beautiful things in this book, I think it would appeal to a lot of readers, not just older readers.  If you have older relatives or friends, this book offers insight into what they might be experiencing and motivate you to reach out to them.  If you are an older reader, I think you will find a lot of encouragement in the pages of this book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Handlebar Publishing and The Plough Publishing House in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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