Discoveries in Bible Prophecy by Michael D. Fortner

Excerpt from the Amazon description:

This is a whole new interpretation of Bible prophecy that is prewrath, yet posttrib. It shows the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have already ridden out during the past 2,000 years of wars, famine, and persecution. The author does not merely make that assumption, he analyzes the text to show what the four horsemen are.

We are now in the period of the global birth pains of the earth, and the Trumpet judgments are next.

This book proves there will never be a world government ruled by a dictator, but there will be WW3. The author discovered missiles and rockets described in detail, even the warhead, which is called a “head that kills” with fire, smoke, and sulfur.

And contrary to popular teaching, America is in fact found in Bible prophecy, and is a major player, as you would expect. Even the Statue of Liberty is described as a woman lifted up between heaven and earth and put on a pedestal, with a covering made of soft metal. Yes, it is really in the Bible!

The visions of Daniel also have a new interpretation. The passage in Daniel 9:27 that is supposed to refer to a 7-year peace treaty is being grossly misinterpreted. The original Protestant view of that verse is the correct view.

My review:  I thought this book was very interesting.  I like to read about what other people think of prophecy in the bible and how it might impact our lives.  I thought the information he shared about the Statue of Liberty particularly interesting, as well as Fortner’s thoughts on the United States in prophecy.

Contrary to commonly held belief, Fortner believes that not all Christians will be raptured at the same time.  Some, he thinks, will be spiritually mature enough while others will experience the tribulation.  For me, I try not to get caught up in debates about the rapture and different time lines speculating on when it may or may not occur.  Instead, I enjoy reading about different theories and thinking about them.  This book provides plenty to think about.  I might not necessarily agree with everything that Fortner puts forth in his book, but I greatly appreciated his logical arguments for his viewpoints.

I do think that the most important lesson readers can take from this and other books of this same topic is to be prepared and to keep watch because no one knows the day and the hour.  We should be prepared every day.

I can’t wait to read the next book when it comes out.  If you are interested in Bible prophecy, especially if you ever wonder about the role America plays in Revelation, you will enjoy this book.  It has some different perspectives from other prophecy books, but I think that is a good thing.  Fortner has a gift of sharing his viewpoint and backing it up with logical arguments.  I enjoyed this book very much and will be sharing it with my friends.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from BookCrash in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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7 Responses to Discoveries in Bible Prophecy by Michael D. Fortner

  1. okmike says:

    If you would like a copy of Book Two to review I will be happy to send you one when it comes out in a couple of weeks.


    • lucky4jill says:

      That sounds great! I would love to read and review the next one. Thank you for the opportunity!


      • okmike says:

        Ok, great. Could I ask you favor? Your above review only appears on If you have an account at Goodreads and Deepershopping, could you post it there too? The other Bookcrash review I received was bad and was posted on those sites as well.


      • lucky4jill says:


        I was already a member of Goodreads, so I posted the review on there. I also went ahead and created an account on Deepershopping and shared my review there, as well. Additionally, I shared my review on CBD and Barnes & Noble. I hope this helps.

        Thanks for the interesting book. I can’t wait to read the next one!


      • okmike says:

        Thank you VERY MUCH. Look for my new book in a few weeks.


  2. okmike says:

    Hello Jill. You should be getting the print edition soon. I am sorry but I had a copy of the book sent to you before I proofed the print edition and I discovered a huge mistake. I don’t know how it happened, because it has never happened before, but in chapter 5 a few pages appear before they are supposed to.

    If you send me your email I will send you a free PDF or Kindle edition which will allow you see the correct order of pages and I will order you a new copy of the print edition. My email is okmedia at mail. com.


  3. michaelfortner859329746 says:

    Are you ready for Book 4? It is now available to ship. It is called, The Approaching Apocalypse and Three Days of Darkness.


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