Darkness Before Dawn by Ace Collins

Meg Richards loses her husband in a car accident caused by a drunk driving teen and discovers she is pregnant while at the hospital to see his body.  In the midst of her grief, she turns her back on her faith and is driven by anger, bitterness, and desire for revenge.  As she puts her energy into making the teen pay for her loss, she drives away people in her life that care for her.  Will she recognize the way her bitterness is destroying her life or will her desire for revenge destroy her?

I liked the way this book dealt with sensitive topics such as drunk driving, abortion, and forgiveness in a way that represented both sides of the story.  The characters were likable and despite Meg’s thirst for revenge, she is a sympathetic character.  The plot had some interesting twists and turns, as well as some surprises.  The message in this book was a good one as well.

This is a great story of forgiveness and redemption.  If you enjoy stories of restoration, you will enjoy this one.  It is an enjoyable book and a quick read.

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  1. courtney says:

    Thanks for the review!


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