Sentence of Marriage by Shayne Parkinson

This is the first of three books that tell the story of Amy, a farm girl in New Zealand during the Victorian Era.  Amy is obedient and naive and after being deceived by a visitor, makes a bad choice that impacts the rest of her life.  Readers follow her into her marriage and see the results of her deception.

I loved this book.  It is not easy to read because of the hardships that Amy endures, but we can learn from her strength of character.  I had never read anything by Parkinson before, but after reading this book, I bought all the other books in this series, as well as a couple other books of hers.  This book is not a quick, feel good, vacation on the beach kind of book.  It is a realistic, slice of life that shows that life isn’t always pretty.

There is so much to love about this book.  The characters are well-written and fully developed.  Sometimes in books with a lot of characters, some characters get lost and I get confused about who is who.  Parkinson does a great job of introducing characters in such a way that readers can keep track of them.  I think the plot is interesting and has a lot of twists and turns.

If you like historical fiction, you will probably enjoy this book.  However, there are some scenes of cruelty that might be difficult for some readers.  If you have a hard time reading about suffering, this might not be the book for you.  However for me, even though parts were hard to read, I loved this book.

On a final note, this ebook is available for free on Kindle and Nook.

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