Sinner’s Creed and Proof of Life by Scott Stapp

Scott Stapp, lead singer of the group Creed, shares his life story.  He shares his story of his growing up years, all the way through the establishment of Creed, their rise to fame, his struggles with addiction and depression, leading up to the break-up of his band.  He shares the story of his downward spiral in the years after Creed, culminating in his fall off a hotel balcony.  He also shares his story of struggling with addiction, and taking responsibility for his choices.

I was not that familiar with Scott Stapp or Creed before reading this book.  I had not even heard about his fall off the balcony in 2006 on the news.  I had heard of his group Creed, and in particular their song Arms Wide Open when it was being played frequently on the radio and had always enjoyed the timbre of Stapp’s voice, but was not at all familiar with his story.  His story of family struggles was painful to read and my heart broke for him when reading his story of his rejection by his father and the cruelty of his step-father.  His faith was inspiring to read about, although I was a little confused by his resistance to Creed being known as a Christian group.  I appreciated his explanation that he felt unworthy of being considered a Christian because he felt like he was a fallen Christian.

I hope that he is able to maintain his sobriety and enjoy his family.  I enjoyed this book very much and I think this story would appeal to a lot of people, fans of Creed’s music, people who struggle with substance abuse issues or family issues, or people who enjoy reading about God’s redemptive work in one person’s life.  I think this book is a perfect demonstration of the power of God’s grace in a person’s life, and that people can change their lives.  Overall, this was an interesting book.

I also had the opportunity to listen to Scott Stapp’s new solo album titled Proof of Life.  The song titles from the album are Slow Suicide, Who I Am, Proof of Life, New Day Coming, Only One, Break Out, Hit Me More, Jesus was a Rock Star, What Would Love Do, Crash, and Dying to Live.

It was interesting to see how the lyrics of some of the songs follow along with some of the experiences he talked about in his book.  For example, he talks about living a lie and falling down 10 floors, which expressed some of his feelings and his experience of falling from the hotel balcony.  I enjoyed reading the lyrics of the songs and thinking about how they relate to stories from the book.

Some of the songs were a lot harder rock than I usually listen to, but there were a couple that I just love!  Only One and What Would Love Do are great songs!  Of course, Only One is like a power ballad, and What Would Love Do is a beautiful ballad.  I also have to say that while I was listening to the CD, I talked to my teenager about it and she was surprised it was from a Christian artist.  She noted that it is different from what is normally on the radio station we listen to, and she liked it very much.  So I want to note that the album gets a gold star from the younger crowd!

Finally, Stapp still has the beautiful voice I remember from Creed.  If you enjoyed his work from the past, you will enjoy this album.  If you are young enough that you did not know him as front man of Creed, you might really enjoy this solo album as well.

I received a copy of this book and CD from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

If you would like more information about the book or CD, please check out the links below:

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