The Glory of Heaven by Betty Malz

Betty Malz was declared dead when she was 27 years old for about twenty-eight minutes, after which she returned to life.  After her experience, she spent the rest of her life talking with others about what she experienced when she was in heaven, telling her story and listening to their stories.  She shares some of their stories in this book and also provides answers to questions that people have asked her about heaven.

This was an interesting book to read.  I thought the stories that people shared with Malz were encouraging and inspiring.  The stories were interspersed throughout the book and were my favorite part of the book, with the exception of one chapter that I enjoyed even more.  Throughout all the glimpses into the glory of heaven that Malz shared, she devoted an entire chapter to the idea that the journey of heaven starts here.  She shares six principles to help readers travel on their journey to heaven; these are walk the talk, love life, find rest, travel with others, use our humor, and look for Jesus.

I also liked the discussion about how our desire for heaven changes throughout our lives and circumstances.  I thought it made a lot of sense.  Malz talked about euphemisms we use to avoid using the word “death” when the reality is that death is a shared experience.  It isn’t something we need to seek or necessarily look forward to (enjoy the journey), but we don’t have to dread it.  At certain times in our lives, we naturally want to avoid death at all costs, while at others, we look to the heavens and think, Jesus come quickly.

Overall, a book that offers a lot of encouragement for readers, especially those who are wondering or worrying about heaven.  If you or someone you know is facing death, this book might offer comfort and reassurance.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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2 Responses to The Glory of Heaven by Betty Malz

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  2. courtney says:

    I would love to read this one- hint hint. Thanks for the review!


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