first-time dad by John Fuller

John Fuller, cohost of the daily Focus on the Family broadcast, shares his insights on fatherhood to help prepare first-time dads on some challenges they may face as they and their wives transition from husbands and wives to parents. In this short 168 page book, Fuller shares a little bit of everything, from advice on how to cope with the changed marital relationship, to how to bond with your baby, to how to build a close relationship with your child, in addition to how to become a good father even if you didn’t have a good role model in your own father.

I wish my husband would have read this book before our kids started arriving! It is a very practical guide on how to cope with those first days and beyond. Fuller is right on as he describes the changes wives experience, and I love the advice he gives for husbands, especially in regard to working out a routine so that at least each partner gets a period of uninterrupted rest, and sharing household responsibilities. From a practical standpoint, the list of 50 ways husbands can love their wives was very good.

Interspersed with the advice were stories from Fuller’s years of raising six children, and also stories from people he knows. I thought it was also good how Fuller included things to watch out for that could potentially damage family life and the marital relationship, while stressing the importance of maintaining an intact family. I found the statistics he shared very interesting.

Without a doubt, bringing a baby home is probably the most wonderful thing husbands and wives can do; however, it is a change and change can be stressful. The advice Fuller shares can help fathers cope with some of the stress to make the transition easier on fathers and mothers as well by extension.

I highly recommend this book for all expectant fathers. It would make a wonderful shower gift for dad. I think this book fills a void in the plethora of parenting books that focus on moms.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

First Time Dad: The Stuff You Really Need to Know

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1 Response to first-time dad by John Fuller

  1. Jonathan says:

    Whilst I haven’t read this specific book, I really think it’s great that there are now more and more books about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting that specifically focus on dads and dads’ experiences. I read quite a few while my wife and I were expecting. As it happens, in the first post that I wrote on my dad blog ‘Dad’s the way I like’ I talked about these sorts of books and what I see as their benefits.


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