Jesus on Every Page by David Murray

Pastor and Professor David Murray questioned the role of the Old Testament and the growing lack of sermons or teaching on the first 39 books of the Bible.  Surely the books of the Old Testament were of more value than just a history lesson or a group of stories, he thought.  So he began a search, by questioning people he encountered and by reading books about the Old Testament.  After he was appointed Hebrew and Old Testament professor, he pursued his search in earnest and the result was Jesus on Every Page.

This is an excellent study book.  Murray writes in a step by step, logical manner, putting forth his arguments and then backing them up with scriptures and commentaries by other authors.  He offers ten different ways to find Jesus throughout the Old Testament and makes it achievable for readers to pursue their own search for Jesus throughout the entire Bible.  Some of these ways are Jesus in creation, in history, in characters, in proverbs and in covenants.

What I like about this book in particular is the chapter about Jesus in the law.  I’ve heard so many times that the Old Testament was the old laws and when Jesus came he replaced the old laws with the New Covenant.  However, Murray discusses how the death of Jesus demonstrate the retribution, restitution, deterrence, and rehabilitation from the Old Testament law.

I think this book would be excellent for any Bible scholar who wants to deepen their understanding of how the Old and New Testament relate to each other.  I would not recommend this book to a new Christian or someone without a basic understanding of the Bible.  It is an excellent book, but there is a lot of information in it’s pages that might be confusing for some readers.  I do think it would have been helpful for Murray to put the scripture references directly after the quote as opposed to the back of the book.  I found myself flipping back and forth a lot to find the verse number while reading.  I would have liked to see it right after the scripture in the book.

Overall, an excellent book that is helpful in deepening reader’s understanding of the Bible as a whole.I received this book from Booksneeze in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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