The Great Mogul Diamond by G. P. Taylor

I liked this book the best out of the three books in this series.  Taylor did a good job wrapping up the characters and having a happy ending for each one, which is nice for a children’s book.

As in the previous books, I enjoyed the comic pages interspersed with the written pages, along with the variety of fonts and pictures spread throughout.  However, for this final book, I think I had finally adapted to the back of forth of written words and comics so it was easier to read.  In the previous books, I found myself either wanting to focus on the written words or the comics and having to force myself to give attention to each one to fully understand the storyline.

Obviously this book is geared for kids, so I asked my guys to read it so I could include their opinions.  They said they liked it very much and it was interesting to them.  They think other kids would like it as well.

This is one of those series that I think I will go back and reread now that I know how it concludes.  This is a good book for kids, especially if you have a reluctant reader as the comics give them a little break from all the words.  It might be a good way to pull them into reading without all the pressure of page after page of words.

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