If You Have a Craving, I Have a Cure by Sheri Rose Shepherd

This book isn’t quite what I expected.  I thought it would be more of a reference book where each chapter would be substitutions for foods.  For example, if you crave chocolate, then eat this instead.  However, it was so much better than that.  It wasn’t all about foods, there were chapters on if you are craving more energy or craving rest.  Each chapter had recipes to promote the topic of the chapter, but also scriptures to feed your soul.

I really enjoyed reading through the recipes.  I like to read about new and different recipes, and some of these recipes are things I never thought to try such as zucchini pancakes.  I liked reading the gluten-free recipes and those using coconut milk or soy milk.  I know a lot of people who are cutting out gluten due to food allergies.  I was also thrilled to see recipes that were lower carb than what you see in a non-specialized cookbook.  I can’t say that I would use all of the recipes in the book, but there are several I can’t wait to try, such as the Chamomile Vanilla Ice Cream recipe as a bedtime snack!

Not only does this book address food for your stomach, but also food for your soul.  How wonderful to have scriptures to meditate on while preparing the corresponding recipe.  I even like Shepherd’s suggestion to make exercise an act of worship.  What an interesting way to reframe the idea of exercise.

I think this book would be beneficial to a wide variety of readers.  So many people are becoming more health conscious these days that these recipes would appeal to them.  This would make an excellent gift for someone moving into their own place or as a gift to yourself when you reach a milestone goal in a weight loss program.

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One Response to If You Have a Craving, I Have a Cure by Sheri Rose Shepherd

  1. courtney says:

    It sounds like a great book. What a great idea to blend recipes and scripture- and I know that when I exercise I use that as a time to talk with God.


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