She’s Got Issues by Nicole Unice

This book was so helpful!  Unice touches on five areas that women frequently struggle with that she has dealt with in her private counseling sessions.  It was reassuring to me to read that I am not alone in the issues that I struggle with.  These areas that she pinpoints are anger, insecurity, comparing, anger, and unforgiveness.  The book is set up where each topic is discussed in two chapters, the first to define it and the second to help readers cope with that issue through Scripture.

From start to finish this was book was user-friendly, relevant, and insightful.  I loved the was Unice described how these issues negatively impact our lives.  I loved the journaling exercises, they were short enough to complete quickly, but focused enough to prompt ongoing reflections.  I also enjoyed using the smartphone codes and the youtube links.  Very interactive!

I also thought the assessments were focused and helpful.  Even if my score was mostly in the middle, Unice included in her discussion people that share characteristic with each group, so each section was relevant to me.

This is an excellent book that I highly recommend.  I love her suggestion to use it in a small group study.  I will definitely encourage others to get a copy of this book!

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  1. courtney says:

    Thanks for the review!


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