Mommy Time by Sarah Arthur

This is a perfect gift for a mom-to-be or a new mother.  Each devotion is short enough to read while sitting during a feeding and begins with the delivery of Arthur’s son so it would be perfect for a new mom to begin after returning home, or even in the hospital.  The devotional topics deal with the usual topics of comforting a newborn, finding what works one day doesn’t work the next, sometimes it is next to impossible to find time to even brush your teeth, and the disbelief that this tiny person developed inside of you.

I found this book to be more a grouping of reflections of life as a new mom than devotions to deepen readers’ relationships with God.  However, it was a lovely book that I would have loved to have when I was stumbling through life in a sleep-deprived state as a new mom.  I love that each devotion is short and doesn’t require any writing like other devotional books do.  After all, how can you write your reflections down when you are juggling a nursing infant and a book?  It brought back a lot of memories of how sweet life is when your babies are just born.

I highly recommend this book as a shower gift or a visit to the hospital gift.  A great book for new moms!

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