A Heart for Freedom by Chai Ling

This is a very interesting book that I enjoyed very much from a historical standpoint.  I remember watching the news when the students were protesting in Tiananmen Square and seeing the iconic image of the young man in front of those tanks.  It was so interesting to read about what was happening from the viewpoint of someone that was there.  I also thought the background information about China’s history was interesting and I learned a lot.  China’s one child policy is well-known, but I didn’t realize that in the past couples were encouraged to have a lot of children.

I found Ling’s honesty about her past refreshing and inspiring.  It was so sad to read about her four abortions, and especially that her father took her to have her first one.  It was very sad to read about the other young women that are forced to have abortions.  I think even more disturbing is that fact Ling didn’t seem to realize what she had done until after she came to America and saw a movie about babies in utero.  It brought home the fact that she killed her babies, not just eliminated tissue.  She was upset during her first abortion, but not so much grieving the death of her child.  However, through God’s grace and mercy and faith in Jesus, she founded All Girls Allowed and shared her story, which has helped her heal.

This is a very interesting read that many people would enjoy.  If you enjoy reading about history or life in foreign countries, you will probably enjoy this book.  Ling does a great job describing events in a way that make them real to readers.  What a great story!

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