Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales by Randy Singer

Landon Reed is a college football player who did time for a point-shaving conviction.  After becoming a Christian in prison and doing his time, he is released, marries his girlfriend who remained loyal to him, and becomes a lawyer.  He is given an opportunity by an older lawyer who becomes a mentor to him to join his firm and is quickly embroiled in a murder trial.

This story takes many twists and turns and has a lot of characters to keep track of.  Additionally, there are some flashbacks to the past to give readers more information about characters.  Because of all the information coming to the reader, this is not a light fluffy book to read in a Sunday afternoon.  It takes some concentration and thought while reading to fully appreciate this book, which I enjoyed.

I love books that offer surprises and twists and turns.  Singer offers that as well as a well-thought out plot and believable characters.  If you like courtroom drama, mystery, suspense, and real characters that struggle with everyday challenges, this book is for you.  I enjoyed this book and will read it again!

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One Response to Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales by Randy Singer

  1. courtney says:

    I like the title! It sounds like a good read!


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