Today We Are Rich by Tim Sanders

I thought this was a really well-written book.  A short book so it was a quick read with seven principles of building confidence.  I liked this book because Sanders identified the principle, for example “Exercise Your Gratitude Muscle”, then gave real-life examples of the principle in action, and then gave examples of how to put it in practice in your own life.

I think self-help books written in this format are very helpful because readers thoroughly understand the principle, the theory behind it, and how to implement it in their own lives.  The seven principles that Sanders puts forth are not difficult complicated formulas that readers would have a hard time assimilating.  They are basic, common sense approaches to how we should live and treat each other all the time.

Despite the title, this is not a get-rich quick book or a financial guide book.  The idea behind it is to experience success through implementing the principles and becoming a richer person through serving others.  I LOVE Billye’s philosophy of being rich in spirit by having everything you need and enough to share. 

This book would be helpful for employers, managers, pastors, leaders, employees, parents, students, and anyone who is interesting in taking simple steps to re-frame their thinking for success!

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