Prototype: What Happens When You Discover You’re More Like Jesus Than You Think? by Jonathan Martin

I enjoyed this book.  The author encourages readers to accept that God loves us unconditionally and we just need to believe that.  Sometimes we are so busy with day to day life and all our electronic gadgets that we don’t take the time to be still and listen to God’s voice.  We get tricked into thinking that we need to be successful and compare ourselves to others to gauge whether or not we are successful, but the fact is that we are beloved by God.  Despite all of our scars, wounds, our pasts, we are beloved by God and need to move forward accepting that.  Our faces we put forth to others don’t really matter because God sees us as we are and we are beloved by Him.

This is a book I will definitely read again and again.  It is very encouraging and inspiring.  It would make a great gift for others, especially someone engaged in a struggle.

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