The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks delivers another book filled with pure love, loss, and drama. Usually, I don’t care for books that jump around from storyline to storyline touching a variety of characters with no apparent connection. However, throughout this book, especially at the end, one could sense Sparks was putting together the clues for the conclusion. Some negative reviews state that it was a predictable ending, which I could agree with. However, the way Sparks pieced together the clues, I could see several possible endings so I wanted to keep reading to discover which one he chose.

I do agree with some of the negative reviews I read that the characters were similar to other characters by Sparks (Allie and Noah/Amanda and Dawson) however, I think their motivations are different and that makes all the difference. While The Notebook is an unabashed love story, this book has a message that everything happens for a reason, even terribly painful things. If readers read this book and think about the step by step progression of events, it shows the skill and craftmanship of Sparks and his understanding of life. Life isn’t always beautiful and wonderful, but the painful parts have a purpose that usually yield riches beyond our imagination.

Overall, this is an excellent book. I finished it yesterday and I am still thinking about it and mulling over the details today. I can’t wait for the next Sparks book.

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