In Broken Places by Michele Phoenix

This book is everything you would want in a book.  The characters are interesting, deep, and real.  The emotional pain jumps off the pages and is sometimes difficult to read, but it is countered by hope for the future of the characters and the love that is present throughout the book.  I loved reading about the supportive, loving relationship between the siblings Shelby and Trey and the way they encourage each other to pursue happiness despite their painful childhood.  I also really liked the ending of the book.  So many stories wrap up with a happy ending which is not always realistic, but the author wraps up this one with the hope of a happy ending, but doesn’t spell it out for the reader.  I can already tell I will by mulling this story over for the rest of the day and will definitely read it again!

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1 Response to In Broken Places by Michele Phoenix

  1. Jessica says:

    I love your description on the book…I would never have wanted to read this book, had it not been for your summary on it.


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