The Four Seasons of Marriage by Gary Chapman

I had already read Gary Chapman’s book It Happens Every Spring, so I had some exposure to the idea of marriage being compared with the four seasons of the year.  What I liked the best about this book is that it is so easy to understand.  Chapman explains each season clearly, then gives real-life examples of couples living in that season, and then follows up with strategies that address each season.  I think it is also very helpful that he included what the strategies looked like when implemented by someone working alone to improve their marriage in case their spouse was not as motivated to make changes.  The discussion questions at the end were great to further improve communication.  This book should be required reading before a divorce is granted!  Hopefully everyone can experience a summer marriage after reading this book.  On the negative side, I read this as an ebook version and the third column of the questionnaire was cut off so it was difficult to read all the words.  However, that was the only negative.  I have already gotten Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages and can’t wait to dig into that!

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